“MUB – Home Foundation” stands for Mobilizing Ugandans Better for development in a Home based Foundation. It is a Community Based Organization for women working to improve the conditions of the under privileged community members. It is not – for - profit community based organization that was started in the year 2005.  It is a foundation that mobilizes it members better for development using home based approaches. Our activities are intended to bring resting peace to all just like how children find freedom and peace while at their home.

Since inception, we have implemented different activities within the organization’s area of operation with its program activities. Our program areas focus on improving the living conditions of women, youth, elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities.  We have keen interest to adolescent reproductive education with emphasis onto the girls’ access to education and widening the health program which is inclusive of maternal and child health and strengthening environmental conservation and protection campaigns.


To promote empowerment of the underprivileged people through capacity building and information accessibility


A fully empowered community of the under-privileged people


Our core values are integrity, accountability, ethical practices, being client‐focused and responsive.


To promote empowerment of the underprivileged people through capacity building and information accessibility


The organization  implements activities in the thematic areas of Health promotion, Economic Support, Environmental Protection and Education Access Programs in order to achieve the organizational objectives which include:

  1. Establishing and promoting efforts directed towards sustainable livelihoods and life improvement skills for the under privileged people.
  2. Promoting, sharing and creating awareness on human rights, education, environment, health, and economic improvement.
  3. Initiating and promoting income generating projects for the under privileged people.
  4. Promoting peaceful co-existence of the employed youth with their employers at work place.
  5. Networking with government, CBOS, NGOS and other civil society organizations working for the effective implementation of community programs.


We have continued to cherish the governance structure of the organization. The board includes:

1. Maali Uziel Female Chairperson BOD
2. Mbambu Mary Female Vice chairperson BOD
3. Muhindo Deborah Female Treasurer
4. Mbabazi Lucy Female Member
5. Ndungo Proscovia Female Member
6. Biira Annet Female Member
7. Mbambu Goret Female Member