On behalf of MUB – Home Foundation, I have the pleasure to  thank everybody who has played a key role in sustaining our vision and mission in which the aspirations, rights and productive potential skills of women, youth and people with disabilities’ have being recognized and utilized in the frame work of equitable and sustainable development in a quest for having equality and non discrimination of humanity.

During 2018, MUB – Home implemented their activities under four thematic areas of Health, environmental protection, Economic empowerment and Education Support initiative. We continued to maintained and establish links with other organizations with in and abroad.

All the above were successfully implemented by a team of committed board members, staff and volunteers. I acknowledge their valuable and dedicated support they continued to put in for the successful completion of 2018. We cherish the voluntarily rendered resources for the service of MUB – Home Foundation. In order to keep MUB – Home strong and move forward; we need to remain dedicated and united so as to reach to great heights in the years to come.

For 2019; MUB – Home will continue advocating for friendly programs that are pro – women, youth, elderly, People living and affected with HIV/AIDS; and People with disabilities as well as gender sensitive policies that help them express their views and speak for themselves to ensure improved health, social and economic well being in community development initiatives.

I finally would like to express my sincere appreciation to all who have supported us during 2018 that has helped us in promoting our activities. May God continue protecting you all as we look forward to your continued support in 2019.

Mrs Maali Uziel
Chairperson BOD,