This program involves sustainable organic farming, nutrition education, capacity building trainings and Reduction of house hold poverty through savings and credit.

It also involves activities of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention, Adolescent Reproductive Health Promotion, prevention of malaria and Promotion of Safe Motherhood and child health.

We are the alternate Rwenzori regional node for immunization in the MACIS nomenclature. This is a platform that allows CSOs to work alongside government structures in reaching out to communities.

This is as a result of outstanding performance in the role of being the District Immunization Champion for Kasese district coupled with increased operational coverage. This is with the GAVI Alliance through Malaria and Childhood Illnesses NGO Secretariat (MACIS) Uganda who is the host for the malaria and immunization constituency for the Global Fund in Uganda in which we monitor both routine and campaign immunization activities in the district along the District Health Team. This has resulted into:

  • Continued increased responsiveness of community members towards immunization both routine and campaigns.
  • Meeting with the district health team on immunization issues during campaigns and routine.
  • Submitting immunization check lists for campaign and routine immunization to UNICEF.


  1. Focus is made on sensitizing young women, young mothers, orphans and disabled children about the value of education, women’s rights, social and economic rights.
  2. We intensify community mobilizing on issues related to immunization, maternal and child health.
  3. We emphasize the need for prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence against Women (VAW) though being synonymously on increase in Kasese district and in the Rwenzori region at large. This was done through active participation in the campaign against violence named “16 days of activism” which runs annually from 25th November – 10th December.
  4. MUB – Home Foundation uses various strategies to mobilize and sensitize communities on the prevention of girl child marriages and other forms of acts that perpetuate human rights. This helped us to reach out to people with diverse abilities in terms of age and backgrounds. Hence, the information passed onto them is received and propagated widely.
  5. We provide career guidance, family counseling and psychosocial support. We focused our family guidance on education and human rights promotion.
  6. MUB – Home Foundation encourages the use of the resource centre for educational research by students – primary, secondary (ordinary and advanced), medical and university (bachelors and masters.
  7. We provide support to children with disabilities in order for them to continue with education.


MUB – Home Foundation involves in campaigns about the importance of environmental protection. This includes:

  1. Maintaining of a nursery.
  2. Sowing seeds and Caring for the seedlings while in the nursery bed.
  3. Training of community members in caring and sustainable harvesting of trees.
  4. Transplanting and supply of seedlings for planting.


This program involves sustainable organic farming, nutrition education, capacity training and Reduction of house hold poverty through savings and credit. Through this program;

  1. We train  Adolescent mothers who  join skills trainings at the organizational training centre. They get trained in tailoring and knitting.
  2. The organization supports women in Maize planting and livestock rearing. This is done with funds contributed locally by the organization.